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28th December 2008, 09:24 PM
If I had not been there I would not have believed the situation.

I was invited to a friend's 50th birthday and with him being from China he wanted to go to a restaurant that was authentic Chinese and stated he would deal with all the language barrier (no english is spoken at this place).

I met up with a group and met one of his friends who was visiting from Japan. We were busy discussing tattoos and showing each other our work, as we reached the door of the restaurant.

The place is dead not one table was filled. The staff looked at me and Hiroji and said to my friend in Chinese they are fully booked. :confused:

My friend advised that we had booked the table and we would be eating there. Anyhow we got led in and taken to the back of the restaurant - and sat behind some screens.

Their excuse it was for private parties. Whilst we were waiting Hiroji showed me much of his extensive Eriziki work (very impressive I got ink envy :D).

The waiting staff were extremeley rude all the while tutting and sighing refusing eye contact and slamming down the food etc.

I had my friend question them about this as I was getting very annoyed with it.

He (waiter) said that they had a policy not to allow 'criminals' into their restaurant as they feared the results of having them here.

As it turns out the staff were associating my and Hiroji's tattoos with organised crime!

My friend explained we were not criminals (they had me pegged as a Russian/Eastern European gangster) and that Hiroji is in fact a Christian Minister (as is my other friend).

There was many apologies and a free bottle of wine - but the incident did sort of mar my enjoyment.

Anybody else come across this sort of behaviour.


Ditzy di
28th December 2008, 10:12 PM
Blimey!! I have never come across this yet!, sounds terrible!!
I would have been furious I do tend to have my shoulder tat out on an evening out which are very few :o( and sometimes get some dissaproving looks but never anything like your experience. How rude and judgemental some can be!

2nd January 2009, 05:42 PM
I find that totally disgraceful! people can be so ignorant xx

7th January 2009, 06:53 PM
thats so aweful! and was this actually in britain? you would think they would no that ALOT of british ppl have tattoos! i know that if u are going on a cruise or something to japan the holiday ppl will advise u cover your tattoos while walking around as ppl will think u are a gangster, i watched this program about how ppl who just like tattoos who live there get alot of trouble and they are trying to stop this sterio typing

18th January 2009, 12:34 PM
Thats disgraceful but unfortunately theres a lot of it in the UK. Ive experienced bad responses from my tattoos and also some good. I went to a Chinese restaurant in Oxford on New Years eve and both me and my partner were treated amazingly. The staff were super pleasant, we were given an extra dish free and had a lovely night there. However, Ive been other places where staff and diners have gawped at me or been rude whispering. I guess its just that too many people are prejudice. :mad: