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7th November 2008, 04:37 PM
SO, I meet this guy.. we get on reallly good, we like all the same music and movies and activites.. duh duh duh.. on and on..
I have an Ning site, he joins my Ning site then, he has his own, of course it is in Dutch language, which is ok for me, as being German, I can pretty much figure everything out, so I joined it.
We have been talking for 2 months now, with cam & all, and we seem to REALLY be hitting it off. He tells me how much he seriously likes me, and all kinds of stuff.
So anyways, I have a really good friend who tells me I am too innocent and get myself in trouble all the time because of it... meaning this guy as well.. heart wise.
His computer name is: Coyote, so I will call him that.
I talked to one, no 2 other guys on Coyote's site and they talked to me, just friendly, he is friends with both. One made a comment to Coyote about talking to me and I went to get on his site on my profile to listen to tunes and stuff, and I can't get on. .. hmmmm
Coyote is still on my other 2 sites, and sent me love from tagged this morning, but as of yesterday, I am blocked. I got a little ticked here and confused.
And so I am sitting here today really confused, cuz it's like, is he not wanting me to talk to his friends cuz he thinks of me as his? Or is he putting boundaries? or is he simply making his site a complete Dutch only site...? OR... is he trying to let me down easily???

I haven't been able to talk to him today about it cuz of the time difference [Coyote is in Belguim] he is at work.. I know, I know... internet and phone dating!!! whatever..anyways.
So I am in my head, letting things go wild, as usual. Wondering if my friend is right. Do I let people in too easily or am I over thinking the whole thing? I have no clue!!! I have been married until this April, since I was 15 and I am 38
now and so I don't have a lot of experience in this area.
I am trying not to feelosophize it -over feel and philosophy- but I tend to do that. I want to get upset, yet not jump to conclusions and shoot myself in the foot.
I am seriously frustrated with myself right now!!! Music is blareing and I'm trying to not get in panic mode. I really like him and I think I know he really likes me...sooooo, hmmm

8th November 2008, 02:38 PM
euch men annoy me!! they really do (no offence to the guys on here)

Mad Malc
22nd August 2009, 10:51 AM
euch men annoy me!! they really do (no offence to the guys on here)

Thats ok.....your forgiven :)